Editorial Work

Aside from my research and writing, I'm also an editor: I am the co-editor of the Society for East Asian Anthropology's section of Anthropology News. In addition I currently contribute editorial work for the journal American Anthropologist's Public Anthropologies section and for the American Ethnological Society.

For Anthropology News, I've curated (with Jieun Cho) two collections of articles, entitled "Materialities and Movements in a Changing East Asia" and "The Future of the 'Public' in East Asia." I've edited the following pieces:

For the American Ethnological Society I've helped to edit the following pieces:

Through the Visualizing the Virus project, I curated a research series called "Pandemic Dwelling," which investigates practices of infrastructure, sociality, and future human and multispecies worldmaking within and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributors include Didier Fassin, Alex Blanchette, and David Boarder Giles.